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Hooven & Hooven Porcelain
Handmade Fine Porcelain for over 30 years.

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Our porcelain ornaments are made entirely by hand. The clay is first rolled into a thin, flat slab, then each ornament is individually cut out and embossed. The drying process alone takes several days and many careful steps; each one perfectly timed. Then the porcelain is fired to 2400°F, hotter than any other clay. This gives the ornament a translucent affect, just one of its finer qualities. Fourteen steps take place before this piece is packaged for its journey to you. Hanging this ornament in a window allows light to pass through its surface, creating a magnificent display of its intricate design.

Hand-crafted porcelain ornaments created by the mother and daughter team Coille and Molly Hooven.

Molly ~
Between frequenting her father’s painting/printmaking studio and her mother’s ceramic studio, it was inevitable that Molly would also become an artist. She began by experimenting with painting and bookmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute. Her efforts in these disciplines earned her the National Ann Taylor Award for painting and the 10th Annual SFAI Book Award. Finally, following in her father’s footsteps, Molly excelled in printmaking. She received the Bronze Roller Award upon graduating with a BFA from SFAI in 1992. After working with master printers on works for artists such as Beth Van Heusen and Susan Rothenberg, Molly decided to spend some time back in the ceramic studio. There she rediscovered her affinity for the clay arts and her gift for orchestrating delicate design. And she has been there ever since!

Coille ~
The history of Coille’s ceramic art career is quite impressive. Numerous exhibitions of her porcelain pottery and sculptural pieces include solo shows Museum of Arts & Design, de Young Museum, Quay Gallery, and the San Francisco International Airport, among others. Her work is also an integral part of many fine art collections, which include the The Met-Breuer, Museum of Arts & Design, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Oakland Museum of California, the Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City, Utah, The Cincinnati Art Museum, The Brooklyn Museum, The Newark Museum and The National Collection of Fine Arts of the Smithsonian Institution. Reproductions of her work have also appeared in a diverse list of periodicals and in several fine art books, including Garth Clark’s "The Eccentric Teapot".

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Molly & Coille

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